Production modules

Production modules


Capacity planning for the use of workplaces

Each order is divided into operations which are performed one after another in separate areas of a workplace.

The system evaluates the capacitates of a workplace and efficiently maps out operations to free areas. This minimizes wasted time and bottleneck scenarios.

Clear graphical view of the workplace utilization.

Calculation of order completion dates

The system calculates the estimated completion date of an order depending on:

  • A type of product which defines the expected time and the processing order of operations on individual workplaces
  • Number of pieces
  • Occupancy of workplaces

The progress of an order is shown on the timeline.

Staff deployment planning

Workers always have a clear view of the tasks assigned to them, as well as the order tasks need to be completed in.

The system provides the production foreman with an overview of all tasks assigned to individual workers.

Collection of worker production data

Data is collected using touch terminals, RFID/NFC chip readers and barcode readers at each workplace.

Chip cards allow the system to keep track of where an order is in production and who is currently working on it.

Collection of machine production data

Machines in the workplace transmit data to the system via an API or through industrial sensors.

Visualization of the current state of production

Schedule of both in progress and planned tasks that are assigned to employees.

Overview of the status and location of each order.

General status of individual workplaces.

Dashboard overview.

Reports and evaluation

Comparison of scheduled plan with actual outcome of production.

Summary of orders and employee status.

Real time calculations and order costs.

Ability to trace the progress of an order back to front.

Creation of reports and graphs that are exportable.


The system seamlessly connects with other programs and applications.

Data exportable to Excel, CSV, XML, JSON and more.

Allows imports from existing databases, industrial computers and IoT elements / sensors.


Minimizes time wasted.

Identifies areas in production where bottlenecks often occur.

Files and drawings

Storage available for production documentation for individual orders or products.

The system can also display drawings at terminals.