Manufacturing execution system Productio
designed to increase the efficiency of your company

Digitization, control and monitoring of the manufacturing processes

Clear and intuitive design

The system is easy to navigate and understand, allowing users to be up and running in a matter of hours.

Cloud solution

We manage the servers for you. Daily backups provide worry-free maintenance.

Reasonable price

Thanks to the software as a service model, high initial investments are eliminated. The system allows you to generate profit virtually instantly.

Productio is a system designed for companies that want to:

  • Improve efficiency in production and minimize downtime
  • Know when an order has been completed
  • Predict the exact production time required for an order
  • Generate reports on the amount of time spent on each task
  • Have a clear overview of inventory

Key features

  • Production planning and monitoring
  • Trace time spent on tasks using:
    • Touch terminals
    • RFID and NFC chips
    • Barcodes
  • Minimize downtime
  • Paperless records of orders in production
  • Backward traceability
  • Online preview of the workshop
  • System modularity
  • Compatible with other systems

Our services

Production system

Attendance system

Inventory management

Digitization consulting

Production modules

Capacity planning

Orders are divided up into individual operations, which are performed one after another at separate workplaces.

The system evaluates the capacities of workplaces and efficiently maps out the operations to minimize wasted time.

Visualization of the current state of production

Tools to help visualize both an individual employee’s planned activities, as well as activities currently in progress.

Overviews of both status and location of individual orders. Status reports of workplaces.

Production data collection

Data collection using touch terminals, RFID and NFC cards or barcodes.